DVCA Tech Support

Da Vinci High School partners with Dell to bring students the best possible technology to our school. We strive to provide excellent information technology support to all students, families, and staff members. 

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Student Tech Support FAQ
  • Student FAQ 
    1. How do I print on campus?
      1. Head to the DVHS Presentation Room.
      2. Bring your documents on a USB Drive OR upload them to your Google Drive
      3. Use one of the two laptops near the printers to print your document.
        1. Do not unplug and plug in your own laptop, it will not print. 
      4. REMEMBER: Log out of your accounts on the public printing laptop
    2. How do I put a home printer on my laptop?
      1. Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners.
      2. Select Add a printer or scanner. Wait for it to find nearby printers, then choose the one you want to use and select Add device.
    3. How do I print a color document? 
      1. DVHS does not support students printing color documents.
      2. You can print at Copy Land or Kinkos in Downtown Davis
    4. How do I get my personal computer on the network?
      1. NOTE: For security reasons, we must register your personal computer with our domain 
      2. Bring your computer to an IT Specialist in the presentation room during lunch
      3. We'll need your MAC Address which will allow you access to our network
    5. How do I get a website unblocked?
      1. When you encounter a blocked website that you want to be unblocked you can click on the “report an incorrect block” to contact DVHS Technology.
        1. You can also contact an IT specialist to request a website to be unblocked.
    6. How do I put third party software on my school laptop?
      1. Short and simple, YOU cannot. For security reasons, students cannot put any software on their computer without administration approval.
      2. To request to have software put on your laptop please bring your laptop to the DVHS Tech Department (presentation room)
    7. How do I check out student technology?
      1. To request equipment use the DVHS Tech Checkout Form
      2. After the form is sent, you will receive a slip in class telling you your equipment is ready.
      3. Check your email often as we may send you a message saying your items are currently checked out 
Family Tech Support FAQ
  • Family FAQ 
    1. How do I request help with a parent Echo account?
      1. Use THIS FORM to request a parent echo account.
      2. You can also use the form for other parent Echo account related questions.
Staff Tech Support FAQ
  • Staff FAQ 
    1. How do I request tech equipment?
      1. To request equipment use the DVHS Tech Checkout Form
      2. For bulk orders contact Mr. Runyan (brunyan@djusd.net)
    2. How do I print to the Bizhub?
      1. Connect your laptop to the DAWN network
      2. Print to DVCA BizzHub in the Office
      3. If you do not have it added to your computer contact an IT Specialist.
Da Vinci High School Technology
Tech Support Hours:

Monday - Friday
(Presentation Room)

Contact Us:

Vickie Carr

Beau Runyan