Stephen de Ropp (2013)
Posted on 04/08/2019
Year Graduated:

Favorite DV Memory?:
I dearly miss the tight community at DV that accepted everyone for who they were and pushed everyone to give 100%. My favorite memory was seeing the look on Mr. Bell's and the administration's faces when my WWI group showed up on campus with a life-sized replica of the first American Tank, complete with a cannon that shot potatoes....or the time we (same team) showed up to Revolutionaries on Trial with a semi-functional Guillotine made from hardware store scraps and passionately delivered our prosecution of Robespierre whilst chopping a balloon figurine.
What have you been doing since you graduated?: 
Since graduating from DV I got a degree from UCSC in 2016, took the plunge, and started building my own company providing my services to the media/entertainment industry. It has been a pretty wild ride these past few years that has taken me everywhere from remote wildernesses, to urban riots and natural disasters, to inches away from the President of the United States, working on shows for ABC, HBO, VICE, BBC, MTV, and BET among others. I also work on commercials but those are far less exciting :p