Katie Wynne (2011)
Posted on 01/21/2019
Year Graduated:

Favorite DV Memory?:
Oh gosh - there are so many! I think my favorite memory would have to be the 1920's magazine project. I got matched with a team of students that - at first - seemed a little haphazard but as the project progressed we ended up working together really well. We created a fashion boutique called "ORCHID", rented costumes from Evangeline's in Old Sac, spent hours decorating Mr. Bell's classroom and ended up having an amazing night.

What have you been doing since you graduated?: 
After graduation, I moved to Washington D.C. to go to George Washington University. In college, I had the opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill, for a lobbying practice in Sacramento, and then at an international democratic think tank. This left me interested in the nexus between politics, international affairs, and advocacy campaigns. With the help of a scholarship, I stayed at G.W. to earn a Master's in political management and was able to travel to and study political advocacy in South Africa, Japan, South Korea, and China. Since finishing my graduate degree I worked in higher education for a bit and then jumped into political direct mail. Since February, I have been writing political mail and managing projects for a variety of progressive candidates and organizations. I'm going on my eighth year of living in the D.C. area and just moved into the Adams Morgan neighborhood with my significant other and our cat, Grits. I'm always happy to connect with Da Vinci students and alumni who are interested in politics, or moving out to D.C.!