Hailey Levien (2015)
Posted on 05/13/2019
Year Graduated:

Favorite DV Memory?
Psssssh, it's all a blur.

What have you been doing since you graduated?
When I graduated from DV I went straight to a four year, Beloit College. I lasted one semester there and then left! It felt too much like summer camp and I just wasn't ready to be in school full time. I then moved home to Davis and started attending Sac City and working full-time (doing marketing, nannying, and eventually working at Trader Joe's). When I left Beloit I decided that before I transferred to another four year to complete my degree I was going to do some traveling. So in October 2017, I took a plane to Berlin for four months of travel in Europe - my closest friend from childhood/high school, Casey Powers, was living in Berlin at the time. I did the whole euro tour solo which was both invigorating and challenging. The highlight of my trip was living in Budapest for a month, During that time I discovered a program in Israel/Palestine called Achvat Amim, it's five months of living in Jerusalem volunteering and learning (Hebrew, Arabic, and Jewish things if it's of interest). After Europe I went home for some family time and then set off again for Jerusalem... and I haven't left since. I've been here a year now. I live in a studio apartment with my dog, Alfie, and I work as a storytelling-in-English teacher to a group of men in the South Hebron Hills (the southernmost tip of the West Bank, a rural area). Soon I will also (hopefully) be the English teacher for Kindergarteners at the Armenian school in Jerusalem's old city. I miss my family, Davis, home but do think I am where I am supposed to be right now. A word for all current DV Juniors and Seniors: you don't have to know shit about what comes next (ever, but especially now) and do what feels right... things will fall into place but you need to prioritize your own feelings and needs! School, work, travel - all equally valid options for post-high school. You can do anything you want, seriously.